Retirement of Edward O’Donohue

Published On: November 22, 2021

The Hon. Edward O’Donohue is a grandson of the Firm’s founder, Nicholas O’Donohue.

Ed, a Liberal Member of Parliament for more than 15 years, was elected MLC for Eastern Victoria in 2006. He held Ministerial portfolios when the Liberal Government was in power, and Shadow Ministerial positions during the Labour leadership.

In September, Ed announced that he would be exiting from Victorian politics, after a discussion with the liberal party’s new parliamentary leader Matthew Guy.

On 18 November, Ed made his final speech in the Victorian Parliament. During the speech he gave special acknowledgement to his grandmother, Margot, who was the first female admitted as a solicitor in Victoria (she was subsequently a Partner in our Firm).

Ed has served our State and the people of Victoria with distinction, and we wish him well for his future outside the political arena.

Author: Frank Lynch

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