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There are major events in everyone’s life where you need help, you need someone independent to act in your best interests. At Nicholas O’Donohue & Co. we care. We listen to individuals and families and help them achieve their goals, we give them peace of mind that someone is looking after everything they have built, everything they value. We believe age or incapacity should not prevent our clients from enjoying a quality lifestyle they deserve. By listening and working with families we provide certainty and help avoid unnecessary cost or conflict.

Wills made fast and easy.

Sometimes when you decide you need a will you want to get started immediately. If your circumstances are not too complicated, we have an online will bot that allows you to get started straight away. All you will need are the name and address details of whoever is going to administer your will after you pass away (the “executor”) and of the people to whom you are going to leave your assets (the “beneficiaries”).

If you start the online form and find it too difficult or if you have any questions, just click below and someone will talk to you as soon as possible.

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We are experienced in:

  • Wills and Testamentary Trusts
  • Financial and Personal Enduring Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Medical Treatment Decision Makers
  • Estate Planning and Succession Planning
  • Challenging Wills (Testators Family Maintenance)
  • Guardianship and Administration
  • Legal Advice for Seniors
  • Probate and Letters of Administration
  • Notarial Services – domestic, company, commercial
  • Acting as Guardian, Administrator or Attorney
  • Acting as Trustee or Executor of Wills and Estates
  • Nursing care plans, aged care placement and negotiation
  • Disability, respite and palliative residential care service negotiation
  • Management and administration of private assets
  • Disposal of property

If you are an Attorney, Lawyer or Accountant for a client we will keep you fully informed.


Notary Public Appointment

April 12, 2022|

Malcolm Campbell appointed a Notary Public A Notary Public is a solicitor qualified to witness documents and administer oaths for use within Australia as well as international documents for use [...]

What our clients are saying

"When my husband died suddenly, we had to sell our business. Nicholas O’Donohue & Co. had helped us with commercial issues as well as doing our wills. I was out of my league and they really helped me with the estate administration as well as the business. I get a good sense of security using them, they go out of their way to reassure me that everything is being looked after.

We have done a bit of building, buying and selling and we have used Nicholas O’Donohue & Co. There are probably less expensive options out there regarding conveyancing but NODCO’s attention to detail is excellent and that is always reassuring and worth paying for."

Jenny Hede

I have always had a good relationship with Mark Schofield, I always feel if I need something done or it is urgent, if I need a legal person, the first call would be to Mark. I value that relationship.

I know I have someone I can speak to quickly, sometimes I need urgent advice, or a conversation and I know Mark will be there, I am confident he has always given me good advice.

Vincent Arthur, Managing Director, L. Arthur Transport

Nicholas O’Donohue helped me as executor of my mother’s estate. They told us what was involved, gave us an estimate of time and fees and they came in below that. They were very professional and efficient and we knew what was happening at every point. It was all well done.

Paul Nelson

Wills and estates are really important but rarely urgent. Nicholas O’Donohue were both tenacious but also thoughtful in looking after my family’s wills. They understood what I wanted, made sure all aspects of my personal situation were taken care of and gave me a document I could use. They were excellent.

With Nicholas O’Donohue & Co. it is almost like having your own in-house law practice, their knowledge is both broad and deep. Whenever you see lawyers it’s a stressful scenario. Whether it’s because you’re trying to win a bid, or because you’ve got T&Cs with a client, having breadth, depth and speed helps destress the situation and our partners at Nicholas O’Donohue & Co definitely help take the stress out of our legal matters.

John Hanna, Managing Director, SXiQ

Nicholas O’Donohue’s service desk agreement makes things really simple. Rather than having to go through the formal processes every time we want something, we have an overall agreement and we can dip in and dip out whenever we need advice.

The advice is great and delivered on time, we are very happy.

I really value Adrian’s personal counsel, he is very commercial. We had an opportunity we were going to turn down because of the risks, but Adrian said he would not turn it down, that there were ways in which we could work to reduce the risk, so we went ahead. The deal has huge potential for us, and we would not have gone ahead without Adrian’s advice.

Conrad Travers, Director, Tangelo Strategy & Advice Consulting

I am very comfortable with Adrian’s approach and thoroughness, but equally he is commercial. He does everything he needs to do to protect us but also understands the commercial outcome we want and that we may need to make some compromises to get what we want.

There is a commercial view of what needs protecting and what does not. I have trust he will give me the right advice.

All our contracts have worked the way we have wanted them to, we have never had to test them and that is a good thing. There has never been any trouble – I sign the contract, put them in the top drawer and never look at them again.

Peter Womersley, Director, Womersley’s Mitre 10

Property transactions are often treated like a commodity but at Nicholas O’Donohue, they understand it is more than that – it is a major life event. They understand that every transaction is slightly different, they were efficient and took care of all the details. They exceeded my expectations.

Stuart Kollmorgen

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